I’m a PhD candidate in the Cognitive Sciences programme at Georgia State University. I work with Sarah Brosnan at the Comparative Economics and Behavioral Studies Lab (CEBUS Lab) and with Eyal Aharoni at the Cooperation, Conflict, & Cognition Lab (CCC Lab).

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My research focuses on how animals and humans make adaptive decisions in uncertain environments. In particular, I’m interested in understanding decision-making biases and seemingly irrational behavior in the context of an individual’s physical and social environment.

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I have taught Statistics for Psychologists and Intro to R programming and run workshops to teach R and Python for data wrangling and visualization, stimulus presentation, and mathematical simulations.

At Georgia State, I’ve taught Intro to General Psychology and have guest lectured on the topics of cooperation, comparative economics, decision-making, and social complexity in animal societies (Psychology of Animal Behavior class).

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My languages of choice are R and Python for all things data science, but I find my way around Matlab and SAS as well. I use LaTeX for typesetting and the usual suspects for web development.

Recently, I’ve been learning Java and XML for Android mobile development. My latest project is WhatsOb, an app for behavioral observations.

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